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Your Guide To Super Smash Bros for Wii U

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This is a fan-site dedicated to all those who are looking for more of the information buried deep within the Smash 4 code. While the game can easily be played casually without much more instruction than the initial load screen, in order to play competitively there are many small details a player must learn in order to have the best possible chance to win. Sleeping on some of the techniques contained within the game is only hampering your abilities! Check out the links below to start searching for the information you are looking for.

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Fighting Basics

Click this link to learn more about the basics of Smash Bros

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Character Guides

Click here to learn more about each of the characters

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Tips and Tricks

Click here for some tips and tricks to refine your abilities

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Videos & Channels

Click this link to find the best videos we've found so far

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